Our AeroPress Cold Brew Recipe

Our AeroPress Cold Brew Recipe

Do you really fancy a cold brew but haven’t prepped one?

I got you!

Check out this quick and easy recipe using your V60 that gives you the smooth and delicious results of a slow cold brew, but in a few minutes!

(thanks to the guys at European Coffee Trip for the recipe)


  • 15g coffee
  • 70ml room temperature water
  • Ice water / ice cubes


  • Grind your coffee as if you were making an espresso.
  • Place your filter in your Aeropress, screw on the cap and place over your cup.
  • Add your freshly ground coffee.
  • Top up with water to Number 1 (around 70ml)
  • Stir for 60 seconds
  • Place your plunger on top and press gently, stopping or slowing down if you feel too much resistance.
  • Dilute with ice water or ice cubes to your preference.
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