What Do We Mean By 'Strong' Coffee?

What Do We Mean By 'Strong' Coffee?

Understanding the concept of "strong" coffee can be a bit nuanced, as it encompasses different aspects that contribute to our perception of strength.

Firstly, we often associate strength with caffeine content.

Robusta beans, known for their higher caffeine levels compared to Arabica beans, are commonly associated with strong coffee. However, strength goes beyond caffeine alone.

It also depends on how well you extract the caffeine during brewing.

Another way strength is sometimes described is through the roast level indicated on the coffee bag. A darker roast may be labeled as a "5" while a lighter roast may be labeled as a "1."

However, this designation primarily refers to the level of roast and not necessarily the strength in terms of caffeine content.

Bitterness is another aspect that is sometimes associated with strength. However, it is more appropriate to describe bitterness as a separate characteristic rather than using it interchangeably with strength. If a coffee tastes bitter, it doesn't necessarily mean it is strong; it simply means it has a pronounced bitter flavour.

To accurately describe coffee strength, it is best to consider the ratio of water to dissolved ground coffee. Similar to how alcohol content is measured, coffee strength can be expressed as a percentage. Filter coffee typically falls around 1% to 1.5% strength, while espresso ranges from 8% to 12%. Using a refractometer, a device that measures the refractive index of a liquid, you can get precise calculations of coffee strength.

However, it's essential to note that strength alone doesn't determine your preference. Diluting a coffee with more water may lower its strength percentage, but it won't change the underlying flavor profile. Ultimately, your personal taste preferences should guide the strength of your coffee. Once you determine your preferred strength, you can adjust the amount of coffee you use to achieve that desired balance.

So, whether you prefer a robust caffeine kick, a bold roast, or a balanced flavour profile, understanding the different factors that contribute to coffee strength can help you craft the perfect cup that suits your taste buds.

Experimentation and finding your own sweet spot will ensure that each brew satisfies your personal preference for strength.

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